Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fancy Nancy & the Mermaid Ballet

Fancy Nancy is one of Gracie's favorite book characters. I am always on the look out for these books at the library because they never sit on the shelf for very long. During our last trip to the library we found Fancy Nancy and the Mermaid Ballet. I loved that this story dealt with jealousy and someone else getting what you want. We have had this type of trouble more frequently in the last year with Gracie becoming a big sister! In the story Fancy Nancy gives her friend a beautiful shell tiara and Gracie and I decided to make our own. I didn't have any shells at home or a real crown so I improvised with construction paper and a shell coloring page. The end result was the same - a beautiful crown to practice ballet in AND Gracie was occupied for a good chunk of time. Win-win if you ask me! 

Friday, August 21, 2015

2old2color - Review & Giveaway!

I have to confess that I've stolen some pages out of the girls coloring books and took them for myself. When I was little I loved coloring with a passion. I loved the smell of crayons and I day dreamed about being the person who got to give each color its crazy name. If you're like me then you are in luck! No more stealing the princess pages and sneaking crayons. 2old2color is an incredible shop that I found on Instagram (@2old2color) and I am excited to announce I have teamed up with 2old2color to giveaway one of their amazing coloring books for grown ups! I have never seen books like these ones before. The pictures are so detailed and so much work has gone into making each page that its like coloring in a masterpiece. Check my instagram (@ashtonwitz) for details on how to enter the giveaway! Its one you won't want to miss!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Finding Peace

This week marks our first back to school season - Gracie has started PRE-K! I can hardly believe it. After a jam packed summer (more to come on that later!) our family is more than ready to get back to a routine. Gracie is already in love with her teacher and all her new friends and I am so thankful this has been an easy transi
On Tuesday morning while we are getting into our morning groove we found a FROG in our house. How does no one notice a frog in the house?! I successfully scooped the little guy into the backyard after chasing him for what seemed like forever. We got Gracie to school on time and I googled the meaning of frogs because it had been in the back of my head all morning. Did you know frogs bring peace and tranquility in times of change? I had no idea until now. I am choosing to believe this with my whole heart because it fits our life so well for the moment.
Some of my favorite ways to find peace in this crazy life are listed below. What helps you guys?! I'd love some new ideas!
Yoga - I always feel more in tuned with my self after yoga whether it was by myself or in a yoga class.
Books - There is something about getting lost in a good book that makes me just feel better when I come back to the real world.
Art - Coloring, drawing, painting. I love creating things and this is something Gracie and I love to do together. She always laughs at my drawings and I'm always inspired by hers. There is a peaceful quietness to this activity that helps me go to my happy place. I know of some great grown up coloring books too - check out my review of 2old2color here!