Saturday, September 26, 2015

Easy Paint Stick Sign

I am loving this "&" sign I made the other day! It was so easy & pretty cheap too.
What you'll need: 
- paint stirrers (got mine FREE @ Home Depot)
- stain (any color you want) 
- glue (I used hot glue in this case)
- canvas or something to mount sticks on

First I stained all the paint stir sticks & allowed them to dry completely. I also used wood sealer on these to give it a shinier look. Next I just glued them onto an old canvas I had for the last couple years. These stirrers taper a little on the end so I made sure alternate sides as I lined them up - this way the gaps were on both sides instead of one. On top of the sticks I glued on my "&" sign - this one was around $2 at michaels but you could use whatever you'd like. I think this would be cute if you stenciled on the stir sticks or even wrote a cute saying! 

1 comment:

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