Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Favorite Book Series for Preschoolers

If you couldn't tell from our previous posts, our family LOVES books! We have been reading stories to Gracie since she was a baby and her love of books has grown from there. I am so excited now that she is older and recognizes the characters and really seems to connect with them now. There are SO many books out there for kids that it can seem overwhelming at times. Gracie's attention span is what you'd expect from a four year old - SHORT! Not every story holds her attention but the listed book series below keep her engaged until the very last page!

Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann
An adventurous little girl who LOVES the color pink. Her stories cover everything from arguments with friends to fun family days at the beach.
I Love You Through and Through by Caroline Jayne Church
Not exactly a series but these books are a very short read full of sweetness and heart. These were Gracie's favorite about a year ago. Now she knows them by heart and loves sharing the poems with her baby sister.

Flat Stanley by  Jeff Brown
The story of a poor boy who was flattened by a bulletin board. Don't feel too bad for him, he can still have fun and save the day even though he's flat as a pancake. Click here to find out how we used Flat Stanley to inspire our indoor camp out!

Fancy Nancy by Jane O'ConnorYour little one is sure to pick up some fancy vocabulary after reading about Fancy Nancy.

Pete the Cat by James Dean
This crazy cool cat teaches readers about keeping a positive attitude and keeping calm. If you go online to Pete's website you can let your littles listen and sing along to Pete's songs! Click here to listen!

Hope y'all enjoy these series as much as our family does!!

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