Monday, June 29, 2015


MOSH stands for museum of science and history. Lucky for us that museum is pretty close in downtown Jacksonville! Prices are decent, they have military discounts and if you plan it out right you can get in for just $4 on certain days. My Mom is here visiting this week (YAY!) so we decided to head on over to MOSH. This summer they are all about dinosaurs and ever since they covered dinos in preschool Gracie has been all about them too. When you walk into the Dino exhibit it's like you're in Jurassic Park. The models of dinosaurs are HUGE, they move, they roar and I'll admit I thought it might be a little scary for Gracie and Claire. I was sure wrong. Claire is obsessed with waving at the moment and she waved at every single dinosaur (and human!) she saw that day. Gracie's favorite part was pushing the buttons that controlled the dinosaurs head, arms, tail and ROAR!
We also visited the planetarium and watched the star show. The showing we went to was perfect because our host was Elmo! The museum also had an exhibit where you walk through time, not as exciting for Gracie and Claire, but  my mom and I found it so interesting. I love exploring this new city with my girls!!

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