Tuesday, March 31, 2015

One Year Post Surgery

Today Gracie had a one year post surgery appt at Seattle Children's Hospital in Seattle,WA. If you want to read more on her surgery last year check out my blog post: Gracie's Surgery Story.
During Gracie's 6month follow up her kidney was still dilated (translation: not good). To me this news was defeating. I felt like she had gone through a major surgery for nothing! The urologist said this was normal, the dilation would eventually subside and the doctor really did her best to reassure me. Today I went in expecting her condition to have no change. But, this time around was a different story! Gracie's kidney looked F A B U L O U S!!! One perfect looking kidney and one very happy Mama! That moment was so validating. All the mornings I fought with my baby to give her medicine - worth it. All the trips to Seattle Children's Hospital for follow ups - worth it. Gracie's surgery - worth it. Every little step of the way has led to this moment of relief. She is healthy, her kidney looks great and her scar is fading. Thank you ALL for continued prayers, support and LOVE. It means the world to me! 

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