Friday, April 10, 2015

360 Ergo Baby Carrier - A Product Review

When my first daughter was born we wore her only a handful of times. I knew with my second daughter Claire I wanted wear her as much as I could. Let's face it - it's just fun! Being that close to your child AND having two free hands - that's the dream. My husband bought me the sling of my dreams and I couldn't wait to use it! Claire did fine in the sling when she was a newborn but I was never comfortable with it. The thing dug into my shoulders and I'd be sore after carrying her. No matter how many YouTube tutorials I watched I never got it right. I wanted to love my sling so badly but it just wasn't happening. Fast forward a couple months and baby Claire has grown into quite the chunk! Girlfriend was almost 20lbs at 6months old!!! After flying with the kids over Christmas I knew I needed to invest in a good baby carrier. I did quite a bit of research and settled on a brand that generally got positive feedback - Ergobaby. I decided to go with the 4 position 360 carrier because of the versatility and the fact it carries up to 33 pounds. When I first opened the box I was happy to see what good quality material its made of. I never fear that Claire is going to fall out of this carrier! Her weight is evenly distributed and even after carrying her for hours I've never had a problem with soreness or discomfort after. The best part is Claire LOVES being in the carrier too! I love having options of how to wear her too. We have been dealing with some separation anxiety in our household lately and the Ergo baby carrier has saved my life. I just put her on my back and problem solved! This product gets a 4 Star review in my book for being comfortable, reliable, durable and above all it looks so cute on! Worth every penny. 

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This review was in no way endorsed and is the sole opinion of the writer. 

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