Wednesday, April 15, 2015

BAUBLEBAR Review & Wedding Festivities

If you guys follow me on Instagram (@ashtonwitz) you can probably tell that Gracie and I were in a BEAUTIFUL wedding over the weekend. Gracie was the flower girl and one of her very best friends, Aiden, was ring bearer. These two melted my heart the whole night. They were hand in hand, dancing and so full of love! This was extra sweet to see since they have been friends since they were in the womb! Aiden's lovely Mama was the blushing bride. If you didn't know Jerica was also my doula during my birth with Claire - if you haven't checked out her doula page you can find it here! 
We had so much fun dancing the night away & witnessing all the love! 

Like I said earlier I was part of the wedding party and traditionally we all had matching dresses, nails and EARRINGS. I had never heard of the BAUBLEBAR before the bride used them to glam up the wedding party. I didn't see our earrings until the day of and I was so surprised. These earrings are not only adorable but they are durable too. Most earrings I've bought from stores fall apart within a few months. I used to have that fear when buying online but these earrings are high quality. I also have pretty sensitive ears and these after wearing these I didn't break out at all! Baublebar earrings come in so many different styles that it won't be hard for you to find something that suits you. I will definitely be a returning customer and can't wait to expand my Baublebar collection!! 
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