Sunday, April 19, 2015

#MCM - Mom Crush Monday!

I always see spammed all over the internet #MCM - as in Man Crush Monday. If I participated in that you would see my husbands face every single Monday, but that could get a little boring so I decided to change it up with: 

Mom Crush Monday ! 

Mamas deserve more than just one day throughout the year! Every Monday until Mothers Day I will be doing a special feature on Moms with all different stories. Every Mother has her own story and her own challenges but we all have the same basic instinct to LOVE and NURTURE

If you would like to share your story please Email me at: 

My very first #momcrushmonday goes to one of my closest friends, Annalise Marie

This Mama to the sweetest pup (Aspen) is also SECOND Mama to my two little girls. She has been there since day ONE. Annalise has been my first phone call for each pregnancy and has always been my number one supporter. When Gracie was born 4years ago she rushed to the hospital to meet her. Annalise's summers throughout college were spent being Gracie's second Mama and helping give me a much needed break. When Gracie's Dad stepped out she had no problem stepping in and I will be forever thankful for that. The bond these two share amazes me daily. Every family picture Gracie draws has an extra stick person with blonde hair representing Auntie Annalise. She spent weeks at my house this past summer just waiting for my second girl to be born. Annalise and her husband coordinated their summer plans so they could be right there to watch Gracie when I went into labor. She never passes up an opportunity to spend time with my daughters whether its babysitting or having a weekend slumber party. We are devastated to be moving so far from our second Mama in the next couple weeks. I guess more traveling and a lot more Facetime will be in our very near future. My girls are so lucky to have a second Mama in their lives!

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