Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Favs - Travel Edition!

As moving day approaches I am getting slightly anxious about flying with my 8month old who hates to nap and a very active four year old. I have been trying to prepare for our cross country travel without taking too much or too little. I've come up with a few of my travel essentials. Now I don't have too much experience traveling by air with these two, the first time I did was last Christmas! But Gracie and I have made the road trip from Seattle to Portland many times to see my Grandma when she was alive, so I've got a little experience keeping her attention for extended periods of time. I put together a list of my travel essentials with little ones. After our big trip I'll update you and let you know if any of these "essentials" turned out to be BUSTS or truly ESSENTIAL! 

Ergo Baby CarrierWhen traveling with a babe I think wearing them is a must. A Mama needs both her hands to make her way through an airport. I love this carrier because it is so comfortable! It also really helps with balancing out baby's weight - which is nice if your baby is a CHUNK like mine. It is also easy to get baby in and out of the carrier which makes diaper changes and everything else a breeze. 

Kids Luggage - We like to refer to Gracie as Miss Independent. Investing in children's luggage is a good idea if your little one is willing and able to cart their suitcase around the airport. Remember to not pack the suitcase too heavy if they are going to be in charge of it as this could slow them down. Gracie has a FROZEN suitcase from her Granny - but there are so many options there! Check out this one from Skip Hop! Skip Hop is a reliable company and their products last FOREVER!!

Annie's Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks Variety Pack, 9.6 OunceSnacks - Of course snacks are important. I always pack extra snacks because you never know when your travel plans will be delayed at the last minute. Trying to avoid tons of candy and sweets can be hard when airports have these options at every turn. Our family likes to use the Annie's brand! So yummy, organic and I never worry when giving these to my kids. Find more Annie's options here. Gracie also loves her Anna&Elsa Snackeez cup. The girl sees ONE commercial for the thing on TV and is hooked! This crazy creation does do a great job of keeping snacks and drinks safe in an all in one container and passes the spill test so I really can't complain. 

KIDdesigns Disney Frozen Cool Tunes HeadphonesActivities - Well this is a no brainer. What child could sit through a five hour flight with nothing to do? I am bringing a few work books for Gracie because she loves tracing her letters. She has the Color Wonder pages and markers too, I love these because they are mess free - YAY! We also have some plastic finger puppets to keep her imagination occupied! My Mom got her a game called Find It! that we haven't played yet, but I imagine will hold her attention for at least a little bit. When all else fails I have my iPad loaded with movies and a cute pair of Frozen headphones - Can you tell we have Frozen fever?? 

For Baby - Good barrier cream for baby bottoms is important. Claire has sensitive skin and is prone to breaking out if her diaper isn't changed immediately. I also invested in disposable table tops (i didn't even know these existed!) so baby can eat off airplane trays without my germaphobic fears going crazy! Hand sanitizer and hand wipes  are always in my diaper bag and will be restocked before our big adventure! 

Wish us luck on our journey and pretty please let me know if there are any products or tips you guys have about traveling with little ones! 

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