Thursday, May 21, 2015

Greetings from Jax

Greetings from Jax! Our family is brand new here to the Jacksonville area. I am a huge supporter of being active in your community and in that spirit I am going to start a blog series on exciting and fun things to do around our new home! If you are in our area I would love new ideas on what to do - you can email me at

This past weekend our family traveled about 45mins away from our home down to beautiful St.Augustine FL for the 2nd Annual Gathering of Friends: Children's Arts Festival
This festival was 100% FREE! Everyone knows how much I love free stuff! The whole amphitheater was transformed into a kid friendly atmosphere. Lots of balloons and color and even pirates! Gracie got to explore many different booths and got to try her hand at many different art styles. My favorite by far was the booth that let the kids paint using leaves, sticks and other things found in nature as their paint brush. Gracie loved meeting Clifford the Big Red Dog and decorating her own drinking cup. Not too much for Claire to do except lounge in the sunshine, but since that is her favorite thing to do she was a happy girl!
I heard about the Kids Art Festival just by googling fun things to do in the Jacksonville area. I suggest going out and trying as many things as you can in your own community!
You never know how much fun you can have until you try!

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