Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mom Crush Monday !

Can you believe its Monday already? Time has been flying. Its time for another #MomCrushMonday ! I am really loving sharing all these wonderful Mamas stories. Today we have Kristen - Mother of two, student, homeschool teacher - she is really a jack of all trades. Make sure to check her out on Instagram & her blog at:

Hi! My name is Kristen Carlson and my instagram @carlsonkiki 

Where do I begin. There are so many adventures that occur in my daily life as a mom. Whether it is playing short order cook or playing referee, each adventure gives me great joy in getting the opportunity to call myself a mom. First I would like to say that being a mom is the greatest accomplishment I will ever achieve. I am the mom of two beautiful girls. Annaliese just turned five and Madelyn is quickly approaching four. They are my world and my light.

The adventures that I experience as a mother have no map. There is no manual in how to accomplish the adventures with ease and 100% satisfaction. There are some moments where I wonder how I even made it though the day. There are good days and then there are bad days. I remember when Annaliese was six months old and I found out I was pregnant. Most people would tell me “oh it will be so nice for you. They will play so well together, being so close in age.” This is not always the case. Yes there are those precious moments where they decide to enjoy one another’s company. But there are many moments where they are determined to make each other and myself miserable. I often think that they mastermind a plan at the beginning of the day to see how far they can push mommy’s buttons.

These past five years have definitely been an adventure. It is the best adventure I have ever been on. I have been lucky enough to be a stay at home mom and see every moment unfold before my very own eyes. One big adventure the family went through was me being in college.  I was able to find an online school that fit my needs and wants for my future career. The thing with online college is that the programs are accelerated. Each class was only six weeks long therefore resulting in many late night homework sessions. The balance that I had to create between being a mother, a wife, and a student was very difficult. There was a lot of dedication and determination from all of us to see my dream completed. I find that balance is a constant theme in any adventure of being a mom.

A new adventure is this past year has been homeschooling. My husband and I decided to not put the girls in preschool. Since we did not, I took on a new role of teacher. I have found this is be a challenge. To know that I am the sole person in the teaching of knowledge for my children is a difficult concept to wrap my mind around. These two beautiful souls hanging on every word I say and soaking in the thoughts and ideas I am teaching. I try my best to make an environment that is fun and comfortable. The internet has been my best friend when creating a lesson plan. There are so many wonderful resources with printables, craft ideas, and learning videos. Through this adventure I am continuously learning about my own patience and understanding.

To see my children grow and accomplish wonderful things is quite a blessing. From the first step, to the first word, to being potty trained, and seeing them creating their own identities,  each milestone holds a special place in my heart. I am enjoying this big and enormous adventure that I am on and cannot wait for what tomorrow holds!

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