Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Letter "M"

I'm not sure if preschool adventures is exactly accurate but for now it works. I may change the name of this blog series in the future but who knows - life here in Jax is BUSY. I thought all my days would be spent at the beach and frolicking in the surf and sand. Boy was I WRONG!
My favorite activity we did during our homeschool time this week involved the letter M! We read our favorite letter book featuring M. Gracie traced her letters and practiced writing M. We talked about all the things we could think of that started with the mmmm sound. For our craft we went through the local grocery ads (we get too many of these weekly if you ask me!) and she cut out anything that started with the letter M. Gracie needed a little help with the products but she did a great job cutting and pasting to the page!

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