Monday, May 18, 2015

Preschool Adventures 5/19

I am not by any means a trained preschool teacher. I am just a Mom trying to teach my 4year old skills that will help her succeed in preschool and having some fun along the way! follow me as I try to navigate through a world of numbers, letters, songs and crafts! This week my favorite preschool day was all about pirates! We practiced tracing and writing the letter P, practiced our P sounds and discussed what we thought Pirates liked to do out on the seven seas!


We read Do Pirates Take Baths? by Kathy Tucker

What a funny read! Gracie was giggling the whole time. I had made a treasure map of our neighborhood and after our story Gracie grabbed her pirate hat and we embarked on our little journey! The map had a few special markers like our street sign and the park near our house. Gracie's "treasure" was a Hershey's Chocolate kiss that was buried in the sandbox. Unfortunately it was a little melted in the 90 degree heat but Gracie had no complaints! After our adventure Gracie wanted to create her own treasure map and spent the afternoon exploring our house with her dolls. 

Check back next week for more adventures in preschool!

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