Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Weekend Update

The life of a stay at home Mom is BUSY! So much busier than I could have ever imagined. I thought I would have time to post on the blog once a day, heck maybe even twice. I have been struggling to even get weekly posts up! I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day! My sweet husband snuck out of the house Sunday morning and surprised me with coffee and flowers. Gracie also colored a mug for me that says "worlds best mom"! After the surprises we ventured out to try a new church here in Florida. I am trying not to compare every service to my church back in Washington - but it's so hard! My church family back at Grace Community was amazing and our Pastor was the best hands down. I am a firm believer God takes you where he wants! The service had a great message about our godly infulence as mothers - something I personally needed to hear. 
Our first week in Florida was a success! Ar the grocery store the sweetest gal overheard me talking about how I was new in town and we swapped social media accounts and I've met a few other Moms through her. This move has showed me so much love. People can be so overwhelmingly kind and I am so grateful! The rest of the week was mostly unpacking box after box after box - boring. The girls and I did escape the heat (almost 100 degrees already!) by going to the pool a few times. We also found a great story time at our local library. I am determined to use all the community resources that are available while we live here - something I didn't do back in Washington. Until next time - everyone enjoy their week!! 

With love, Ash

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