Thursday, May 7, 2015

Our Cross Country Trip!!

Hey everyone! If you couldn't tell from my Facebook and Instagram - we have made it safely to Florida! Now we are just adjusting to life in our new environment. 

Goodbyes are always hard - but even harder when you've never really had to say them. My Mama was kind enough to take a day off work and helped us get down the airport. We were running late (as usual) and had to hurry through the security - we weren't even able to give my Mom a proper hug goodbye. My Mom is so awesome - she followed us all the way through the line and kept waving like crazy. And then it happened Gracie broke down. Full on tears streaming down her face, sobbing "I'm gonna miss my Granny". Then I was crying, sobbing with my four year old and 9month old. We have always had my Mom there for support through thick and thin and never more than hour away. 
The three of us made it through security and managed to make it to our gate right when boarding started. First victory of the day! 
Our first flight was 5hrs - and I was prepped with work books, crayons, games, seriously THE WORKS. And what was Gracie interested in? Two things - the snacks and the iPad. I didn't even need to pack anything else. We flew Delta all the way and I have to say the flights attendants were superb! They were so accommodating with my girls! The flighty attendants even playfully fought over who would hold Claire when I took Gracie to the bathroom. Both girls did a thousand times better on the flight than I had anticipated. 
The second flight was the same! We walked on the plane and Gracie is asked if she wants to meet the pilot - um, YES PLEASE! We all met the pilot and Gracie learned how to fly the plane! The pilot even told her he would call on HER if he needed help during the flight. Our second flight was also a breeze compared to the misbehaving and craziness I was expecting. As we were landing Gracie leans over and whispers - I guess the pilot didn't need help after all. That comment reminded me of her wonderful sense of humor and helps me relax knowing that this new journey is going to be amazing because of her and her little sis. Finally we made it to Florida and my heart was beating fast with excitement - I had not seen my husband in months and I was so excited, happy and a little nervous. Watching Gracie run to Alex was the best thing I have ever seen. That girl sure loves her daddy. Claire was looking at him like he was crazy - I know she recognized his face from FaceTime calls but she was so confused to see that face on a body! I am happy and thankful we are reunited. If it was up to me - I would have never left WA - my whole life has been there, my whole world. Hopefully this journey will turn out to be a growing experience. I'm finding peace in knowing that Gods plans are always better than my vision and if I trust in Him that I will be just fine.  

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